I spent a pleasant few hours last Friday afternoon at Bo Sang Fishing Park with a couple of good friends. As usual, this Bo Sang trip was triggered by a friend visiting town and wanting to catch a big catfish. We headed down at 2pm to start fishing. With our own tackle it was only 180Baht for the last 4 hours of fishing, including a small bag of bait. This is a great deal and set us up to be ready to pull ‘em out during the last few hours of the afternoon when the fishing generally hots up.

Once again we weren’t disappointed by the fishing. We only actually stayed until a little after 5pm and in that short space had about ten fish between us. Mostly Sawai, as usual, but myself and the visiting friend also both picked up a Giant Mekong, his estimated around 15 kilo and mine more like 20 kilo – the biggest fish of the day, again… even if it did take me nearly an hour to get it on the bank!  :lol:

Both of the big fish were hooked around 4pm with bread baits popping slightly of the bottom, his as crust with a poly ball and mine just because bread discs pop-up anyway unless you squash them to death. I was actually using the large punched bread discs (see here) on a hair rig with a very short hook length of about five inches and a size 13 hook. The basic rig setup was as shown here.

We fished down the right hand side (looking at the lake from the shop), down towards the bottom, next to the old water pump that sits on the bank. This is my favourite (and most productive) spot at Bo Sang.

One thing I am going to do properly next time I get a big ‘un is have it photographed properly resting on one of my legs as I kneel up. This photo with it on the floor on a giant specimen net actually makes it look small!  The problem was, after an hour’s tussle I hadn’t the strength to lift it… Doh!

Anyway, here’s the beast… It is big, honest  :oops:  Look how I can’t anywhere near reach around its tail…


Bo Sang - Giant Mekong

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