Bueng Pai Farm (Pai Province)

Size: approximately 3 rai (0.5 hectares)
Species: A wide range, see full description below.
Opening Hours: Restaurant open mornings only, with a guest kitchen available for use during the rest of the day.
Cost: Bungalows begin at 280 Baht for the cheapest in the low season, through to 1600 Baht for the most expensive family room in the high season at the time of writing. See here for their current prices.
Weblink:  Visit their website here or their Facebook page here
Contact Info: Call Orn and Run, the owners: 089 – 265 4768 or email: info@paifarm.com
Google Maps linkhere

We have yet to fish Bueng Pai Farm, but it certainly looks like an interesting proposition with a good range of species to go at. From their website: “Catch over 20 variety of fish including monster catfish, carp and larger predators, including: Redtail Catfish, Snakehead, Hampala Barb, Giant Featherback, and Alligator Gar”.

 They have a tour of the farm that you can view here

 If you are lucky enough to get out and do some fishing at Bueng Pai Farm we would love to hear from you. How was the fishing? What is the bait situation? Is day fishing available? ‘owt else!


Bueng Pai Farm


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