Dreamlake Fishing Resort

Size: 1 lake covering about 4 Rai (0.6 hectares)
Species: Many species, both native and introduced. Species include various Catfish and Carp, Alligator Gar, Peacock Bass, Pacu, and Arapaima – amongst MANY others.
Opening Hours: 24 hours a day to guests who choose to!
Cost: Prices start at around 2,000 Baht per day including fishing and small bungalow accommodation. See here.
Weblink: Their website is www.dreamlake-fishing.com
Contact Info: 
Call Reiner, the owner, on: 081-289-6406    email: dreamlakefishing@gmail.com
Google Maps link
: Map link removed at the polite request of the lake owner since this is not a walk-in lake. The location will be disclosed when bookings are made. Suffice to say that the lake is within easy reach of Chiang Mai centre, just a few kilometres out to the southwest.


dreamlake1Dreamlake Fishing Resort offers a superb range of species, but is generally regarded as a fairly “hard” lake. There are plenty of fish in the lake, and some very large specimens, just don’t go with the  expectation that they are going to be gobbling up your bait as though they are desperate to leave the water!

You should expect to work hard to catch fish but with a good likelihood of being rewarded with multiple captures of quality fish when fishing effectively. Anglers are free to fish without a guide, as most people do, but to use live or dead fish baits you must have a guide (this is to avoid careless deep hooking of expensive predator fish).

Be aware that there are some undercut banks and some significant underwater snags to contend with. This often means hitting fish relatively “hard” and bullying them in your direction if you want to get fish to the net. You should discuss the locations of these obstacles with the owner before you make your plan of attack.

dreamlake2It is a smallish but very well cared for fishing resort, with five small but pleasant bungalows alongside the lake (you can fish from the balconies, if you so choose). The bungalows all have TV, double Beds, hot showers, and wireless internet access. Air conditioned or fan cooled rooms are available.

On the ground floor of the owners home is a nice restaurant space, serving both Thai and western food. He also has a small tackle shop where you can buy any bits and pieces that you might need during your stay. A good variety of baits are also available for purchase on-site at reasonable prices.

dreamlake3All in all, a very nice fishing experience. A friendly owner, with a well stocked and well cared for lake in a pleasant countryside setting. It’s easy to forget that you are only a few kilometres outside of Chiang Mai centre, especially since there is a good likelihood of you having the lake to yourself.

Fishing Methods: Popular tactics at Dream Lake include fishing for the many predator species with live baits, or using more conventional carp fishing tactics with feeder “cages” loaded with groundbait alongside “popped up” hooks for the many carp species. For detailed information on feeder fishing on the bottom see here, with a float see here.


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Posted by Niels on

What is the cost for a guide? Seems like a good idea to at least rent one for the first day

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