Green Lake Fishing Lake

Size: approximately 50 rai (8 hectares)
Species: Unknown (but the locals certainly take them home to eat)
Opening Hours: This is not a fishery, but an open lake (at least in part)
Cost: FREE
Google Maps linkhere 

This is the large lake set in front of Green Lake Resort, on the canal road and opposite the huge new convention centre. It is free fishing, with take home what you catch.

You cannot fish anywhere you choose, but are, I believe, restricted to the area alongside the canal road. It seems that everyone fishes the lake in very close proximity to each other in the extreme south-west corner (as shown in the photos below). 

The bait of choice is a paste of ground fish pellets, available from the nearby shop (see here). Light tackle is the order of the day; basically a whippy little rod that can flick out a light ledger and small bait balls is what is required. You will also need some fairly sensitive way of indicating the bites from these smaller fish; the locals use wet tissue on the line. This is very effective, being light and therefore sensitive.

 Green Lake fishing Lake


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