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Guided FishingIf you are on a short fishing trip to Chiang Mai and you want to maximise your chance to catch new and challenging species within a limited time frame you should consider guided fishing. To the seasoned western angler the idea of having someone guide your fishing is something of an anathema, BUT it is a great way to maximise potential in a short time, especially since the techniques that are successful here are very different to what most visitors are used to back home.

A good guide (and pretty much all all are just that) will be able to maximise the number of fish you catch, the size of the fish, and also the range of species. One thing that always impresses me with Thai guides is their ability to consistently cast a big ball of groundbait to the same spot. This builds up a bed of bait in one spot, attracts the smaller fish in, and then eventually attracts the big boys in to vacuum up your bait.

If you do hook into a “lake monster” you may again be glad to have the guide on hand to help you discover how to actually land a 50Kg fish – fighting with these fish is nothing like the 10Kg Carp that a UK angler might call a specimen. In short; if time is short, you probably can’t afford not to have a guide.


Since this is a non-commercial website we don’t want to recommend particular guide companies or individuals. Instead, this is a list of your many options; you can make your own decision:

  •  Siam Fishing Tours offer guided fishing at Bo Sang (see here) as well as Bangkok and elsewhere. They also have very detailed information about exactly what you can expect from them (see here). Full disclosure: These guys have been put at the top of the list because they have generously given full access to photos from their website to help us with this site. Thank you fellas!
  • Teak Tree Lake only offer guided fishing. If you want to fish this private lake you will by default have the owner as your personal guide. See here.
  • Dreamlake Fishing, Chiang Mai, offer a range of tours to all major local destinations, be it lure fishing for Snakeheads, giant Carp and catfish, or even stingray. You can see what they offer here
  • Mega Fishing Thailand offer a range of trips to all of the most popular destinations; again, covering a wide range of species and fishing methods. See here.
  • Boomtown Fishing shop and tour company offer a variety of tours, and even fishing lessons. See here.
  • Big Game Fishing Thailand. These guys focus primarily on big catfish trips to Bo Sang, but also offer multi-day lure fishing trips. See here.
  • Pai Piranha Fishing Lake. If you in Pai and looking for a guided trip to catch some big catfish then these might be your guys. See here.


If you use any of the above services and have anything to say about the quality of service (or anything else for that matter) please add your comments below. Even better – if you had a great trip and want to send us some sort of report and/or photos we would love to add them to this site.

Tight lines all…  8-)


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Posted by Stuart pearson on

Would just like to say had a tour with big game fishing Thailand and the service was quality we went to Bo Sang where I read that the fishing was easy.well when all other people on the lake where struggling for fish we had them in abundance thanks to the team of guides from Big game fishing Thailand including many Mekong in the mid 20 kilo range and biggest at 42 kilo and my own tackle a 30g spinning rod which was to the amusement of all

Thanks guys fir a great day out

Stuart pearson

Would post photos but not sure how

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