Spotted Giant Featherback (pla grai – ปลากราย)

Identification: The spotted giant featherback is very distinct, normally silvery gray with a long knife like body (laterally compressed) and a long anal fin that gives these fish their common name. Each fish has 5-10 black spots located at the back of the fish

Other Information: The spotted featherback (also known as the Clown Featherback fish, Spotted Knifefish, or Clown Knifefish) is sometimes very hard to catch because of their very small mouths. I have found in the past from fishing for these species that you do end up missing lots of bits which can get very frustrating at times.

Once hooked, they do have a tendency to jump a lot, trying to throw the hook. This is always nice to see being a fisherman, as you will know, but this is something you should be aware of. A good tip for you is to lower the rod towards the water as soon as the fish has jumped, this will help to keep the hook.

The featherback is native to Thailand and can be found in many fisheries here in Chiang Mai. They feed generally on smaller fish,insects and worms. Although their heads seem too small for their bodies, a specially hinged jaw allows them to occasionally take larger prey than would otherwise be possible. One unique fighting trait of the Spotted Featherback is that it can swim in reverse, so keep this in mind when it comes to landing time!.

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Spotted Giant Featherback




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