Catla Catla Indian Carp (Pla Kaho Tad – ปลากระโห้)

Identification: The Catla Catla has oddly large scales and a very long pectoral fin. The entirety of the body is dark gray/green. Its most recognizable feature is its large lower jaw which forces its lower lip to be upturned, covering its mouth. Maximum weight 45 Kg/100 LB +

Other Information

The Catla is a part of the Cyprinidae (carps) family which is indigenous to Northern India.

The Catla is discovered in different lakes and waterways in the Northern regions of India it has been acquainted with different nations all through Asia incorporating Thailand.

This once in a while got and dark Indian carp species has an expansive proclaimed head with a wide mouth and little upturned lower lip. The Catla is secured with modest dull silver to blue/ dark plated scales and has an elevated raised dorsal surface with dull coloured balances and a hefty fork molded caudial blade (tail).

The Catla or Indian Carp has been watched to cross breed with other cyprinid species for example Monster Siamese Carp in the hostage situations of the angling pools of Thailand making new hybridized strains of Asian creature carp offering anatomical aspects from every guardian species.

The Catla or Indian Carp subsists on a shifted eating regimen of mollusks, zoo microscopic fish, creepy crawlies and different other amphibian vegetation in its characteristic run of the most out of control streams in India.

In the relentless Ganges Waterway in India the Catla is part of the staple eating regimen of the Ganges Stream Dolphin.

Next to no deductive study has been done on this astounding freshwater species with small logical informative content ready about the Catla or Indian Carp.

The Catla or Indian Carp is a generally uncommon catch whilst angling in Thailand and even though being available in different business fisheries all through Thailand the timid and wily Catla is not a normal guest to the net.

The Catla is now and again found whilst angling structure other Asian carp species for example the Titan Siamese Carp or Rohu.

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Catla Catla (Indian Carp) - Pla Kaho Tad

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