Hampala Barb (pla kra sub - ปลากระสูบ) commonly known as Jungle Perch

Identification: The Jungle Perch is a clearly scaled fish with silver through bronze colouring, much like a roach. It is easily identified by its orange tinged tail fin with pronounced black top and bottom edges. It also has a dark patch/bar in the centre of each flank. All of these features are much less pronounced in older fish.

Other Information: The Jungle Perch is a strong fighting fish that can provide a great days sport. Most people fishing in the northern reservoirs are targeting Giant Snakeheads and catch the Jungle Perch without directly targeting them. Nevertheless, they are an exciting, hard-fighting, predator in their own right.

All of the reservoirs in northern thailand contain Jungle Perch - Mae NgatMae Kuang, and Queen Sirikit reservoirs are all popular Jungle Perch and snakehead fishing destinations within reach of Chiang Mai. The Jungle Perch are a worthy quarry and provide good lure fishing sport. Most fish caught in the reservoirs are around the 1kg mark with a 3kg fish being considered something of a specimen. 

If aiming to specifically target the Jungle Perch you should lookout for disturbances where baitfish are suddenly breaking the water surface. This is often due to the shoal feeding Jungle Perch encircling their baitfish quarry and forcing them to panic. You should cast into the middle of the disturbance with your lure or fly. Note that although they are relatively small fish, they are fast and strong. You will still need strong tackle to cope with them – and the likelihood of a snakehead taking your lure!

Unlike the Giant Snakeheads, who become inactive during the cooler season, the Jungle Perch can be fished for all year round, and are a very popular target species with the locals.

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 Hampala Barb - Jungle Perch

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