Nile Tilapia (pla nin – ปลานิล)

Identification: The Nile Tilapia is a black and white stripped fish. The black vertical strips extend the full lenght of the fishes body and look and feels a little bit like the Perch. The bigger fish grow to a maximun size of 60cm (2 Feet) in lenght with a gross weight of 4kg.

Other Information: The Nile Tilapia also known as the Mango fish in the commercial world, is a native of Africa which was introduced back in Ancient Eygpt times.
The “Pla nin” as we say in Thai, is commonly seen in food stales and restaurants as it is very popular in Thai cuisine. It is very nice either salted and grilled, deep fried in fish sauce or can be steamed with lime.
When hooked, this fish is a quick fighter who likes lots of direction changes and runs.

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