Striped/Common Snakehead (Pla Chon – ปลาซ่อน)

Identification: The Striped Snakehead is similar in shape to its big brother, the Giant Snakehead, but with a smaller head and teeth. It has stripes, or almost chevrons, on its flanks. Adult fish darken in colour as they age and the stripes become less pronounced. They can grow up to a metre in length.

Other Information: The striped snakehead is common in lakes and reservoirs of the north, especially where there are not lots of Giant Snakeheads for competition. Nevertheless, they are not easy to catch, especially since they are prized as a food fish by locals and fished for with nets and electric stunners.

Top fished lures, commonly frogs, are the way that most anglers fish for the Striped Snakehead, but they will also take a worm. A fish of 2kg is considered a good catch, but the locals will even take a half kilo fish for eating.

This is a very popular food fish in Thailand and can be seen for sale at markets everywhere – cooked or otherwise.

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Striped Snakehead - Pla Chon



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