Lung Maa Fishing Park

Size: about 3 rai (0.5 hectares)
Species: Unknown (but includes catfish of some type)
Opening Hours: Unknown
Cost: Unknown
Google Maps linkhere 

I know very little about this lake – it is as yet unfished by us. I stopped on my way past to take a few photos and find out some details, but there was nobody there. It wasn’t closed; the gate was open and you could go in – but there was nobody there, just a sleeping dog! Oh well, it is Thailand after all… maybe they were busy…

The photos that I took you can see below. The park opened in 2004, so there has been time for fish to reach a decent size if it has been well managed (you never know – it is possible). There were clearly some decent sized catfish rising in the very green water – but beyond that I know nothing at this time.

If you find out more about this lake please send us an email (, or use our contact form (click here) to tell us all about it.

 Lung Maa Fishing Park


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