MK Fishing Shop

MK Fishing is probably the most popular fishing tackle shop in Chiang Mai. It stocks a wide range of tackle (by Chiang Mai standards) from low cost through to moderately high end. Here you can buy a basic reel for a few hundred Baht, but also buy a top-end Shimano Baitrunner reel for closer to 5000 Baht.

In general, the high-end tackle is actually cheaper to buy in USA or Europe. You also get a much larger range of high-end tackle to choose from in western countries. If you have the opportunity to buy a good quality baitrunner type reel before heading out to Chiang Mai then bring it with you. If you want electronic bite indicators you should also bring those with you; they are not available in Chiang Mai. Rods and terminal tackle are, however, all good value here and MK has a decent range, so no need to bring those bits and bobs.

MK is open Monday to Saturday, 8am to 5pm – he must be pretty busy to be able to afford to have such limited opening hours! They can be contacted on: 053-275-779

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MK Fishing Shop

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