Pai Piranha Fishing Lake (Pai Province)

Size: 3 smallish ponds, two of which are connected together, covering about 1.5 Rai (0.25 hectares)
Species: Over 20 species, both native and introduced. Many unusual catfish species, a few carp species, barbs, Rohu, Pacu (pirhana), and more.
Opening Hours: 24 hours a day if you are staying there, but roughly 9am to dark for day visitors
Cost: 150 Baht/day, including a full set of fishing equipment, or, 30 Baht/hour, also including tackle. With own tackle it is 100 Baht/day or 20 Baht/hour per day. Fishing is free when you stay in a bungalow, but, as with the day fishers, you must purchase your bait from Piranha Lake (reasonable prices).
Weblink: Their newer website is here; and an older one is still here.
Contact Info: 
Call Dave, the owner, on: 053-065-187 or 085-707-5074    email:
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ppfl1It may seem something of a stretch to include a Pai fishing venue within a Chiang Mai fishing website, but this is one of my favourite fishing venues, and a great place to spend a few days. It is only a three hour drive for me, door to door from my home in Chiang Mai; easily close enough to be worth it for the weekend. The road to Pai is extremely windy, but I actually enjoy the drive out through the hills.

At the lake they have a small number of bungalows at very reasonable prices; a few doubles and also a family room. They also have raised camping platforms surrounding a fire pit and seating area. This looks like it could be good fun, shared between a few families, but I can’t bring myself to stay in a tent when there are comfortable reasonably priced rooms on-hand.

I am not going to attempt to further describe the various rooms on offer, or get into prices. Details of the accommodation they offer can be found on their website here.

ppfl2Before I finally discuss the fishing I feel I must mention the nice restaurant and bar that they have built overlooking the main fishing pond. I really do go for the fishing (honest), but great western food and cold beer are positives too! The big breakfast is something to behold – and means I can concentrate on fishing, without any need to refuel until dinner.

The fishing at Piranha lake is almost as good as the food. The fish are not massive, but there are now some serious fish in there, and more importantly, lots of different species. My last trip with a couple of friends was fairly typical; over two days, fishing mostly early mornings and early evenings we had about 15 fish out between us. What was nice was that of those 15 fish there were 7 different species represented, and a couple of good sized specimens amongst them too. Lovely.

Fishing Methods: Fishing here, like most places in Thailand seems to involve the old wire “cage” feeder to carry out the ground bait. Also, like elsewhere, the fish go screaming across the lake, so it is essential to have a baitrunner type reel, or (more likely) the clutch on the reel slackened off to allow for screaming runs before placing the rod down.

ppfl3Personally I prefer to fish on the bottom and not be constantly dealing with drifting floats, but many people choose to fish here with a float and feeder beneath it setup.

What s different at Piranha lake is the baits used. Dave offers a mixed bag of bait, containing mussels, sweetcorn, and sausage. You can also buy bread and a few other bait options. All seem to catch fish at various times; I know my favourite, but that one is for you to figure out yourself…   ;-)



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Posted by Tim on

Just to add that this is also one of my top fishing spots. Great people, great fish, and a nice space to relax too.

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