Queen Sirikit Reservoir (Uttaradit Province)

Size: Enormous – covering around 260km2 this is by far the largest northern reservoir
Species: Principally fished for Giant Snakeheads and Hampala Barb (Jungle Perch). The locals still fish it to catch fish to sell at the market.
Opening Hours: 24 hours; it is a huge open reservoir
Cost: Unless you are experienced at fishing these waters and have a boat you will need the services of a guide with a boat. For the various options open to you see our guided tours page here
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The Queen Sirikit Dam is an embankment dam on the Nan River, a tributary of the Chao Phraya River, in Uttaradit Province, about 40kms north of the city of Uttaradit. It is surrounded by dense jungle on all sides and is a very beautiful and tranquil area in which to spend some time. You can drive up to the dam and around the reservoir, but about halfway between the village of Tha Pla and the dam is a checkpoint where a small admission fee needs to be paid.

On the banks of the reservoir are houses on stilts belonging to the fishermen who earn their living from the reservoir. There also floating houseboats/rafts that offer simple rooms for visiting anglers. Don’t expect too much in the way of luxury and you won’t be disappointed!

What is unlikely to disappoint (if you have a good guide), is the fishing. For Jungle Perch and Giant Snakehead fishing this is one of the best locations in the north of Thailand.

As with the other large reservoirs within reach of Chiang Mai this is not an easy venue for the novice angler and the services of a guide are needed for most people. You will most likely be lure fishing, casting close to the snags and weeds where the snakeheads and Jungle Perch lay in wait to ambush unsuspecting prey fish. Being able to cast accurately with a variety of lures (including frogs), coupled with a good guide to provide direction, is the key to success. Strong tackle is needed to cope with the explosive power of the snakeheads, but for the well prepared angler this is Chiang Mai fishing at its exciting best. 

Fly fishing is another, less popular, option. If fly fishing is your thing, and you have appropriately strong fly tackle, then you could have great fun with this out on the reservoir.

The best time to visit for fishing succes is March through September. You are much less likely to be successful during the cooler “winter” months when the fish are less active..

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 Queen Sirikit Reservoir


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