Shellfish and Meats

Cockles and Mussels

mussBoth cockles and mussels are widely available in Thailand at reasonable prices and both can make excellent fishing baits. In either case, to use them simply remove completely from the shell and thread onto the hook. They can also be used to good effect alongside bread, as a cocktail bait. See cocktail bait ideas here.

These baits are attractive to a wide range of fish and can be fished just as easily on the hook, or on a hair-rig setup. They are also tough baits that give you confidence to leave the bait in the water for extended periods without having to pull it in and check your bait is still on.’


Chunks of  Thai “hot dog” sausages can be a very effective and cheap bait that attract a variety if fish. I have had a lot of success with sausage and bread flake used in combination. Sausage is a particularly suitable for use within a hair-rig, but can be used directly on the hook if you take smaller chunks.

Other popular meat bait choices include raw chicken, bacon, and chicken liver. When hooking livers be sure to get the hook through the tougher gristly part or you won’t get it to stay on the hook. 

Ham or other processed meats, cut into chunks, can all be excellent baits. The “Spam” luncheon meat that we can buy cheaply in the west and use as bait costs a fortune here, but it is possible to buy ham in unsliced chunks from Macro and elsewhere – at much more sensible prices!

The main drawback with these chunks of meat baits is that they can be quite difficult to keep on the hook; again, these baits are good when used within a hair-rig setup.


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