Teak Tree Lake

Size: Around 6 rai (0.9 hectares)
Species: Chao Phraya giant catfish to over 85Kg; Arapaima; Aligator Gar; Pacu; Barbs; Gourami; too many many carp and catfish species to mention, and lots more. Their website has a great gallery of fish photos here.
Opening Hours: There are no “day tickets” available. Fishing is sold as an all inclusive 24 hour package.
Cost: All inclusive prices start at 6,000 Baht/day, with discounts for larger groups. See the price list here.
Weblink:  Visit Teak Tree Lake’s own website: www.teaktreefishingchiangmai.com
Contact Info: To book, call Noon, on 086-192-6026,  or contact them via the website’s contact form
Google Maps link: Map link removed to protect the location of this exclusive fishery from uninvited guests. Suffice to say that the lake is within easy reach of Chiang Mai centre, just a few kilometres out to the south.


teaktree1Teak Tree Lake Fishery all inclusive fishing resort is located about 20 minutes drive south of the city centre. As well as being friendly and considerate hosts, the owners will be on-hand to guide your fishing for the duration of your stay.

Teak Tree Lake is exclusive to you and your group for the whole time that you are there. They take great pride in providing a quality experience for all guests – and that is how you are treated, as guests, not as customers.

Teak Tree Lake boasts over 40 species of fish. You can choose your quarry and they will do their best to assist you in targeting that particular quarry, be it giant catfish, Carp, Arapaima, or any other of the numerous possible target species. 

The bungalows provided for guests are nicer than many people’s homes. They are large, very nicely appointed, air conditioned throughout, TV, DVD, fully fitted western kitchen, etc. Far too nice, almost… – they could keep you away from the fishing! The tackle provided is also of the highest quality and includes Shimano baitrunners and rods.


Staying at Teak Tree Lake is not bargain basement prices, BUT, it is great. You pay quite a lot to be there, but in return get guided access to massive fish, top quality accommodation, all meals (unless you opt for self-catered), transport to and from the city, quality tackle, a wide choice of baits, and the whole place guaranteed exclusive to only your group. A bargain!

If the price makes you weep a little, do bear in mind that since the lake is teeming with huge predators there are lots of very hungry and very big mouths to feed – and it is the owners who have to supply the huge quantity of fish needed to feed them each day – and that isn’t free either…

Fishing Methods: The methods employed will be dictated by your choice of target species. For the predators you will fish with meat or live/dead fish baits, and for the non-predatory species you will be fishing with bread, worm, corn, etc.  All necessary bait is supplied as part of the package.


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