Thai Fishing Vocabulary

Learning a few Thai words and phrases can make a visit to the tackle shop a lot easier, and it’s also nice to be able to exchange a few words with the locals at the lake. If you are taking Thai children fishing and attempting to teach them how to fish it quickly becomes essential! I am far from fluent myself, but have managed with the able assistance of my long haired boss to put this page together. I hope you find it useful in some way.

If you think of other words/phrases that should be added (not the swearing for when one gets away – everyone understands that already… ;-) ) then please send us an email or leave a comment on this page. I will do my best to get them added.



dtòk bplaa (ตกปลา) = [to] fish
gamlang dtòk bplaa yòo (กำลังตกปลาอยู่ ) = [to be] fishing
bòr (บ่อ) = man made fishing pond
kèuan (เขื่อน) = dam (but is used to refer to reservoirs)

hûay (ห้วย) = natural stream fed lake (e.g. Huay Tung Thao in Chiang Mai)


Tackle Items

kan bèt dtòk bplaa (คันเบ็ดตกปลา) = fishing rod
rôk (รอก) = fishing reel
en dtòk bplaa (เอ็นตกปลา) = fishing line
sà-wĭng (สวิง) = landing net

dtà kŏr (ตะขอ) = hooks



yeua (เหยื่อ) = Bait
rum/lum(รำ) = ground rice bran used for bait balls
kà-nŏm bpang (ขนมปัง) = bread
nŏn (หนอน) = worm
sâi gròk (ไส้กรอก) = sausage
yèua lôr (เหยื่อล่อ) = Fishing lure


Fishy Actions

mŭn (หมุน) = [to] wind/reel in line
yêr (เย่อ) = Play/fight a fish
wát (วัด) = strike/set the hook
kàat (ขาด) = snap the line

yók kan bèt kêun (ยกคันเบ็ดขึ้น) = raise the rod (to tell beginners when they are trying to play a fish)


Courtesy Comments 

Make these courtesy comments at the right time in a busy fishing park and those around you will be way impressed. Finding a foreigner who understands the etiquette of packed fishing parks is rare indeed!

chék săai (เช็กสาย) = dropping your rod tip and flicking your line on the surface so that your neighbours can see where it is heading

bplaa sáai (ปลาซ้าย) = fish heading to the left (so look-out neighbours to the left…)

bplaa kwăa (ปลาขวา) = fish heading to the right (so look-out neighbours to the right…)


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