Saturday 6th July Kevin and myself packed the car and set off to Pai for another fishing weekend adventure. Our destination was to be Bueng Pai Fishing Park which is located on the outskirts of Pai (Mae Hong Son Province) in the valley of Pai.

We arrived there at 11.00am, then after a spot of lunch and a quick check-in we were ready for action. We started fishing the normal set up, cage feeder with a fairly short tail with about a size 8 hook. This set up is like you would fish at Bo Sang or most of the fishing parks here in Chiang Mai.

After an hour with no bites we were advised by the owner to change tactics. Kevin changed to a small bomb weight, 6 inch tail and size 11 hook with trout pellets which had been soaked in water for approx  2 mins then placed on the hook. I changed to the same set up apart from a size 10 hook, I began to fish with 2 trout pellets and bread, then squeezed ground bait around the bomb weight.

The bites came instantly! The first cast Kev caught a Black Minnow Shark which was then followed by a lovely Indian Carp (Catla Catla) weighing in at 5.5 Kgs. Then my bait runners screamed off and I was rewarded also with a Black Minnow Shark and a lovely Rohu Carp.

We were fishing from No 4 bungalow, which has twin beds and is priced at a very reasonable 700 baht per night and includes fishing. The fishing park is owned by a lovely Thai couple called “Run” and “Orn” who are very welcoming and helpful. The lake is stocked with many different species of fish, from a few ounces up to 10+ Kgs in weight, giving the angler an exciting experience as it keeps you wondering what will be on your line next.

Both kevin and I ended up with a great bag of fish. From the minute we changed tactics to the minute we had to pack up we were both having lots of fun catching some great fish and also some species which, I for one, have been trying to catch for many years.

Bueng Pai Fishing park has definitely got me hooked and I am looking forward to our return which i’m sure will be as great as the last!  


Beung Pai Farm 1
Beung Pai Farm 2
Beung Pai Farm 3
Beung Pai Farm 4
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