Wieng Dong Fishing Lake

Size: approximately 3 rai (0.5hectares)
Species: Lots of catfish in the 2 to 15Kg range (thank you Kev for the info)
Opening Hours: Unknown
Cost: 30 Baht rod/day
Google Maps linkhere 

I know nothing at all about this lake – as yet unfished by us. I just stopped on my way past to take a few photos. The sign in the photo just gives the name of the lake, the price per rod and a long list of Thai food available. It seems that even Thai fishing lakes are sold more on the food that is available than the quality of the fishing… And there is no mention of fish species at all!

If you find out more about this lake please send us an email (, or use our contact form (click here) to tell us all about it.

 Wieng Dong Fishing Lake


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Posted by Kimpanzee on

This site rocks! Thanks for putting out the good information.

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Posted by admin on

Thank you Kev – page updated. I shall have to head down there this week and wet a line – see for myself! :-)

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Posted by Kev on

Plenty of 2-15 kilo cat fish, never tried for the smaller species. Hot one day than wicked slow the next; food is pretty standard. Worst part, thankfully they have ice because they turn their fridge down to luke warm.

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