Worms & Bugs


The humble earthworm has always been a popular bait, and fish like them here in Thailand just the same as elsewhere. I have managed to buy them in the past from Nong Naai Fishing Shop, but he doesn’t always have them in stock. You can of course collect them yourself by digging for them or walking over grassy areas on wet evenings and catching them on the surface, but this isn’t always easy, especially in the dry season when the ground is baked hard.

ewThe classic way to present a large worm is to hook it just once, the aim being to not kill it and therefore keep it doing its job as a wiggly worm for as long as possible. If you plan to leave your bait in the water for a long time between casts you may like to add a small piece of rubber to the hook point after mounting the worm. This should prevent the worm coming off.

If you have only small worms, then you may find it better to hook the worm several times, threading its body along the length of your hook.

If you are bottom fishing and want to “pop up” the worm off the bottom you can use a syringe to inject air into the worm so that it floats up.

Crickets and Bugs

Most insects can be used for bait. When using small insects, you need to use hooks made of thin wire, so as to get them on and, ideally, not kill them. Using crickets as fishing bait is a time tested tradition. They are, however, difficult to catch, and even more difficult to hook. Live crickets are better than dead, as they do a better job of attracting the fish. Crickets should be hooked lightly through the collar at the back of the head, and then weighted down slightly with some split shot on the line (otherwise it will float). Don’t hook it too deeply or you will kill it.


Leeches are a good bait for many species. They should be hooked through the sucker and threaded on to the hook.



What other bugs have you successfully used in Thailand? Please let us know of any others that you have used and we will add them here.


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Posted by John on

I would need earth worms, can I buy some in your shop?
Where exactly is the shop, when is open and what are the costs of earthworms?


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Posted by ben on

I feel that the Asian Mole Cricket must be included in this list along with young (white beige) cockroaches. The mole cricket has a very soft body and is almost a magical fish attractant. Many species in the river will readily take both.

Both of these insects must be caught in the wild because you can not buy them. Ordinary crickets make for a rather poor bait with zero attraction value along with a rather crispy shell that’s a turn off for lots of fish.

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